How We Help

Find healing.

Cultivate inner peace.

Improve your life.

Choosing health. Living well.

We offer a wide variety of services focused on helping you live well in all areas of your life. Our counselors support you as you navigate personal challenges and help you make choices that get you where you want to be.


Mental Health Care


Do you want better connection with yourself and others?


Are you unsure how to navigate the challenges you’re facing?


Is your life looking different than you hoped?

We work through diverse issues, from diagnosed conditions to relationship struggles and more. Our therapists have different specializations and experience in a wide variety of techniques that we tailor to your needs.

We offer:

  • Assessments
  • Ongoing Therapy
  • Outpatient Therapy

Substance Abuse Counseling


Are you worried your drug or alcohol use is getting out of hand?


Do you see your addiction hurting the people you love?


Do you want to break the cycle but aren’t sure how?

Our counselors focus on the root cause of your substance use and guide you on your journey to break free from addiction. We cover employment issues, healthy choices, and trauma caused by addiction.

We offer:

  • Assessments & Evaluations
  • Ongoing Counseling
  • Intensive Outpatient Services (Aurora only)

DOT/SAP Evaluations

Select counselors are trained in DOT regulations and can help you with the return-to-duty process. We start with an assessment and treatment recommendations. Once you’ve completed treatment, we’ll do a follow-up evaluation and send a notice of compliance to your employer.

Workshops & Community Outreach

We regularly offer classes and group counseling at our Lincoln and Aurora locations. Get in touch to talk about how we can customize a learning experience for you.

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Alcohol and Drug Education:

  • Location
  • Dates
  • Sign up link

What To Expect

Therapy doesn’t have to be intimidating. We’re committed to making your experience smooth and personalized so it feels right for you.

01) Get to know you.

Your first appointment starts with an assessment. We’ll get to know more about different areas of your life—your challenges, relationships, goals, and more.

02) Recommend a plan.

Next, we discuss a treatment plan. This may include options like continuing therapy or referrals. We’ll answer your questions and walk you through next steps.

03) Follow up as needed.

Each person’s plan looks different. We’ll determine the right cadence for follow-up appointments and support. As time goes on, we’ll adjust the plan to meet your needs.

Our Philosophy

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