Our Philosophy

Creating Balance and Harmony

Different areas in our lives contribute to overall wellness. Our work is based on a vast body of research on these domains. Through evidence-based methods, we work to help you balance your life and achieve inner harmony.


Mental wellness includes your intellect, memory, and imagination. We’ll dig into how thoughts affect you and give you techniques to encourage helpful thoughts.


It’s important to understand the story your emotions are telling you. In our sessions, you’ll learn how to identify, accept, and express emotions in a healthy way.


We review the importance of physical health, including fitness, nutrition, and sleep. We’ll discuss how you want to reach these goals and help you monitor progress.


Throughout our time, we’ll take a look at the important relationships in your life. We’ll cover how to communicate well and be genuine—both with yourself and others.


We’ll discuss the values and beliefs that guide your behavior, whether or not they are religious. By identifying what’s important to you, you can act more consistently with these beliefs.


We empower you to see the choices that are available to you. We’ll uncover the impact of past choices and help you make choices that benefit you and others around you.

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